Workplace Accident Incident Investigation

Completing a thorough workplace accident incident investigation is not just required, but it’s good for business as well. The completion of a detailed investigation can often uncover existing unknown unsafe conditions and/or hazards that can contribute to work-related injuries.

But, an accident incident investigation can also provide you with simple corrective actions that improve the overall health and safety of your workplace and employees, as well as reducing possible future property damage.

As your safety representative, we have the expertise to develop an effective accident incident investigation framework following a workplace injury. We can walk you step-by-step through the process, ensuring that the completed investigation clearly demonstrates steps you will take to avoid a similar work-related injury in the future. This is a key fixture in the investigation and one that can help you avoid fines and other Cal/OSHA penalties.

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Implementing Appropriate & Corrective Safety Actions

Improving the overall health and safety of your workplace

As outlined in this Cal/OSHA document, a thorough accident incident investigation will include steps such as defining who will be included in the investigation team. This might include supervisors and other employees, your Worker’s Compensation insurance provider, legal counsel and more.

Additional steps to a complete accident incident investigation will typically include:

  • Securing the Accident Location – it’s imperative that the location of an accident and/or injury be secured. This is to ensure that additional workers are not injured and also to maintain any and all available evidence for the investigation team.
  • Reporting the Accident to Cal/OHSA – California State law requires employers to notify the appropriate Cal/OSHA district office within 8 hours of a serious injury or fatality. Please see the link below to report a serious accident.
  • Identifying and Interviewing Possible Witnesses – Anyone who was proximate to the injury is a possible witness, including employees and the public. It’s best that interviews with potential witnesses be conducted by an experienced accident incident investigation specialist.
  • Gathering Evidence – Any and all evidence within the accident location should be gathered, including photographs, sketches, equipment and more. This evidence should be secured as best as possible.
  • Generating a Report – Once the investigation team has collected any and all information, a complete report must be generated, including possible remediation to reduce the possibility of future incidents.
  • Implementing Change – Any changes defined in the accident incident investigation report should be incorporated into your regular safety program and implemented immediately.

Our investigation stays focused on the injury and we address any/all root causes. We do not expand beyond what needs to be done to investigate the accident or injury, additionally we build processes that will help reduce or eliminate future injuries. It’s very important to isolate the injury, define root causes and remediate those causes in the future, including possible changes (lessons learned) to how your safety representative trains new and existing workers, the use of personal or site protective equipment and more.

Employee injuries are not good business, disrupting your operations and resulting in lost productivity for the injured worker and those around him or her, so implementing appropriate corrective actions can and will reduce the likelihood of a similar future dangerous occurrence.

Please see these additional resources from Cal/OSHA on how to report serious injuries or fatalities within 8 hours.

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