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Cal/OSHA has specific safety training requirements for many industries. As a general rule, safety training must be provided to all new employees, employees moving into new jobs, anytime a new process or piece of equipment is added or changed to a job site and for managers who are supervising workers. Here’s a resource if you want to learn more.

One key to success is that you ensure that employees that have not completed safety training for a specific piece of equipment or process do NOT involve themselves with that equipment or process. Just this one step will lower your risk of serious injury or worse.

Training should be included in your overall health and safety program, known as an Injury and Illness Prevention Program. Training courses vary from general, such as the expectation that employees will wear a hard hat and safety glasses whenever on the job site to more site-specific training courses for advanced personal protective equipment or unique hazards of a particular job site.

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Custom Safety Training Plans

Developing Cal/OSHA training requirements through all industries

As highly experienced safety professionals, we can help you build out each component of your safety training plan. We’ll outline the Cal/OSHA training requirements through all industries with your leadership and help you to develop an effective safety culture that’s good for your business.

Some safety training, such as what’s required for (Licensing – Certifying) employees operating forklifts, to the required refresher training. We will work with you to develop a calendar for when these types of training need to be completed by your workers.

Cal/OSHA provides an extensive list of training requirements and you might also find help from your Worker’s Compensation insurance providers. As your safety partner, we can also help you to draw resources from any and all of these providers so that you have the most complete and current safety training.

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