Site Safety Assessment

If you have employees in California, you are required to complete a site safety assessment. This risk assessment is designed to identify and record any health and safety hazards that may exist at a workplace, along with corrective and protective measures

A site safety assessment should be undertaken by those that are trained in risk reduction and hazard assessments along with the control measures needed to keep workers safe in all places of employment. General public safety hazards must also be included in all safety assessments.

You’ll be expected to identify all obvious hazards and to articulate, in writing and in action, how you plan to reduce the risk to workers through training, safe work plans, personal protective equipment and culture.

Every workplace is unique, but the health and safety of workers and the general public is universal and risks must be controlled and/or eliminated.

Site safety assessments should be completed daily in the form of a PRE-Shift Inspection, along with periodic hazard assessments. Here is a good checklist to include in your efforts.

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Preventing Work Related Hazards

Avert disruptions with quality processes, procedures and training

It’s a good assumption that if you have identified all obvious hazards, and protect workers from those hazards with detailed processes and procedures, coupled with the ongoing employee and manager training, you will be successful in reducing risk and injuries.

From the proper use of personal protective equipment, to a clear and concise safety statement, you will deliver a clear mandate for workplace safety within your company. With a sound and well thought out plan, you won’t experience the disruption of a worker related injury or illness, and the imposing Cal/OSHA investigation it may prompt.

We have worked with hundreds of employers (and their Worker’s Compensation insurance Carriers) to ensure that their workers go home safe each day while the project progresses.

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